Meet Terri

I started my clothing boutique 6 years ago as I was a stay at home mom of 3 and wanted something to put my mind into, a place to find community and of course extra income. During Covid I decided, with the encouragement from my hubby, to start designing my own line. I felt like I had been doing this thing long enough to know what women like me with post baby bodies, chasing toddlers all day wanted and needed in fashion…...comfort, ease and style. I am so passionate about helping women find clothes they feel confident in regardless of their current size!

My first 2 pieces are the most comfortable jumpsuits you will ever put on! I designed them so you can throw on in the morning with hardly any thought…..add a little jacket and some jewelry and feel like 100%! Running after kids or heading out the door to work, this is all you need!! We worked really hard on the sizing with the goal of finding the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. After lots of back and forth the last few years tweaking the fit, we feel like we landed in a good spot; however look forward to feedback as we launch to continue perfecting the fit for every woman!